Dirty Ear Forum - fourth edition

Israel Martínez (Mexico)
Brandon LaBelle (Berlin)
Annette le Fort (Berlin)
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (Amsterdam)
Irena Tomazin (Ljubljana)

Working period: November 3 - 7th, 2015 /
in the context of the Sonic Disobedience festival, Ljubljana

For this edition of the Dirty Ear Forum, we worked within the context of the festival to bring in an ongoing process of sited investigation. Each day we developed a particular focus and activity, resulting in a nightly presentation within the festival venue. In particular, we attempted to relate to the apartment blocks surrounding the venue, in the eastern part of the city. Former military housing, the apartment blocks tower behind the venue, creating an interesting and somewhat ambiguous relation between the cultural center and these spaces of daily life. We immediately wondered, what type of relationship residents might have to the venue, and the various cultural events taking place there.

on the final afternoon, staging an intervention in the courtyard of the housing complex, with an invitation to residents to join in holding a note, a single tone, together.