Dirty Ear Forum - fifth edition

Barby Asante
Brandon LaBelle
Kevin Logan
David Mollin
Hannah Rickhards
Salomé Voegelin

Lab: July 5th - 7th, 2016 / in collaboration with PEER, London

The intensification around questions of political agency and economic justice continues to inflect our contemporary global environments and experiences. A political vocabulary has developed that sounds insidiously, saturating society with fear and condemnation of the other, the weak, the inefficient. Governmental and Corporate bodies play with language, words and voices, as a judiciary and as an emotive act, to determine social acceptance for a divisive politics.

In response, a culture of resistance and protest has emerged in conjunction with grassroots initiatives, local projects, and neighborly exchange aimed at nurturing alternative social and pedagogical structures. Commonality and togetherness, shared economies and group work are actively sought and supported, encouraging greater sensitivity for each other and the plight of others. Such developments also demand a continual rethinking and reimagining of the specific behaviors and languages that define an alternative life: different possibilities and maybe even seeming impossibilities – that which might exist too but which does not yet rise to the surface of the imaginable and thus remains “unreal”, unimportant; unable to make itself count in the organisation of an actual reality.

This edition of the Forum aims to bring together a group of practitioners and thinkers to explore methods of working collectively using sound, voice, text and listening, as well as concepts of audibility and inaudibility, as the basis for renewing a speech that matters.

Part of the Forum will include a one-day performance workshop with the MA Sound Arts from the London College of Communication, UAL, which will expand the closed artistic explorations in a participatory format.